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Download and stream the latest HD TV shows, movies, games and music at blazing fast speeds.

Our Packages

Upto 4 Mbps

Ksh 1499 / m
  • Free Installation
  • Unlimited Internet
  • 24/7 Support

Upto 8 Mbps

Ksh 1999 / m
  • Free Installation
  • Unlimited Internet
  • 24/7 Support

Upto 16 Mbps

Ksh 2499 / m
  • Free Installation
  • Unlimited Internet
  • 24/7 Support

Upto 32 Mbps

Ksh 2999 / m
  • Free Installation
  • Unlimited Internet
  • 24/7 Support

Our Services

WiFi Solutions

We meet the Internet needs of your home, office, business, and schools by providing safe fiber and wireless high-speed connectivity. Get in touch with us for custom-tailored WiFi solutions.

Website Design

Our design and development team offers a variety of different, customisable packages to best suit your business needs. From simplistic to intricate - we've got you covered.

Cloud Solutions

Our cloud solutions are designed to resiliently host and manage client applications. These services are fully managed and ensure minimal client interaction to provide maximum uptime and availability to all business critical systems.

Stream movies and video from HD to 4K

With WebSpace, your streaming quality is always at it’s best. With 4k options on Prime, Netflix, Showmax and Youtube, you can watch it all.

Improved gaming performance

Enjoy high speed and line quality result in lower latency when gaming online. Improve your ping on European servers to 150 – 170ms.

Working from home is way better

A stable and consistent connection means you don’t drop your business meetings. Quicker access to the cloud and with faster upload speeds.


The fastest and most affordable internet service, with unbeatable customer service, 24/7.

WebSpace Internet delivers fast, reliable internet connectivity to homes, offices, and other institutions via Fiber and Wireless network. WebSpace Internet is renowned for the quality of our customer support, and have a great range of low costsimple options with carefully selected packages, that cover most requirements